See how the fish many have wrapped in newspaper is now Making News
Mullet: Trash Fish to Gourmet Dish

There’s an ongoing effort to change the reputation of mullet. The fish was mostly used as bait. But now, mullet and its roe are appearing on menus at fancy US restaurants and business owners are betting on a growing demand for the fish. Meet some southwest Floridians who are giving mullet a second chance:

Arab Israeli Celebrity Chef Aims To Foster Peace Through Cooking

Reality cooking shows have propelled many an aspiring chef to foodie stardom in the U.S. — Harold Dieterle, Jeff Mauro and Mike Isabella, to name a few.
But unlike her American counterparts, the most recent winner of Israel’s Master Chef does not aspire to launch her own show or even open her own restaurant.

What happened to the mullet?
Fish is scarce in Lee County

The mullet are missing.
The silvery fish are usually plentiful this time of year. And smoked mullet is a menu staple at seafood restaurants across Southwest Florida.
But some local restaurants, seafood markets and commercial fishing businesses say they are having a hard time finding mullet.